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Winter Essentials

At Cycles Galleria, we believe that your desire to ride should not be restricted by the amount of light in a day or the weather outside. However, with winter here, it is a timely reminder that safety and health should always come first.

Without the appropriate lights and safety gear this winter, you may be very hard to see on the roads at night time. This is particularly the case when the weather conditions deteriorate, and in Melbourne, we all know how quickly that can change! With a cheap light on a rainy night, the ambient street light reflecting through the rain and roads is likely to overpower anything like a cheap single LED imported lights (around 3-10 lumens).

Through personal experience and road testing, we recommend the absolute minimum you use on your bike this winter is 40-80 lumens, if you are looking for a light just 'to just be seen'. If you are looking for a light 'to see' at night and light up the road, you would be looking for a minimum investment of 300 lumens which would be likely to provide a concentrated patch on the road depending on lighting conditions. 

Weather wise - be prepared, and stay dry! Get yourself some waterproof booties, a nice spray jacket, and keep an eye out for any high-vis gear! High-vis stuff, especially anything with reflective piping is essential! Don't always rely on a waterproof jacket to keep you warm. Whilst it may keep you dry, you will still be suceptable to the temperature so it is important to layer up. Depending on the weather conditions we generally wear a undershirt (baselayer) of some sort, a nice warm long sleeve jersey and a vest or rain jacket to keep the moisture out. 

If you're winter wardrobe isn't up to scratch for this time of year, get in touch with any of our stores for heaps more awesome advice and stay on your bike this winter!

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