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ALL New 2020 Domane SL and SLR

Trek are now offering more sizes and more colorways on every 2020 Domane SLR and SL model. A smaller rider, no matter their gender, can now choose from every model we offer in these performance lines eliminating the need for a woman-specific offering. Every bike is a women’s bike. And every bike is a men’s bike.
Feedback from Trek's Global Women’s Advocates, retail partners, and Precision Fit data shows that rider proportions vary as much within a gender as they do between genders. The new sizing platform brings the best bikes and the widest range of fit options together for every rider

1) Years of research performed by Trek and their Wheelworks teams have shown that on harsher roads, bigger tyres running lower pressures are faster. Domane’s class-leading tyre clearances and stock 32mm tyres running on wider rims make it faster when the road surface (or lack thereof) get rough.Riders have always known that bigger tyres are a great way to increase comfort and traction. Domane now can take up to a 38mm tyre (with Trek’s recommended 6mm clearance).
2) When it comes to carrying a flat kit, saddle packs and jersey pockets can get the job done—but they don’t always look and feel great. Domane now features a frame-integrated storage compartment that allows riders to neatly stow away tools and gear internally. The Bontrager Integrated Tool System (BITS) stores a tube, tyre levers, CO2 and CO2 head in a neat roll inside the downtube. The bottle cage sits on an easy-open storage door and holds a BITS multi tool giving riders quick access for mechanical adjustments.  
Moving the flat pack into the down tube keeps weight lower on the bike, and an integrated Flare taillight mount can be put in the optimal position to be seen by cars without needing any unsightly straps.

3) The all new Domane looks faster than ever and it backs that up with real speed and performance. Aerodynamic tube shapes and hidden cables mean that Domane is now one minute faster for every hour ridden compared to the previous version.
4) First pioneered on Domane mk I, IsoSpeed returns better than ever. Domane SLR and SL both feature front and rear IsoSpeed for the ultimate in vibration damping, smoothing even the roughest roads. Domane SLR borrows top tube adjustable IsoSpeed from Madone SLR to allow riders to find the perfect setting for their riding style. Additionally, Domane SLR’s IsoSpeed is damped so the compliance is perfectly controlled.