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Our Melbourne E-Bike Buying Guide: How to choose the right e-Bike

What is an e-bike (AKA electric bike or electric bicycle)?

An ebike, e-bike, electric bike, battery-powered bike, whatever you call it is simply a push bike that uses stored electricity in a battery to power a motor. This motor then provides assistance when peddling to add more power to your ride! E-bikes come in a range of different power assistance types. E-bikes change their style depending on your needs, in order to ensure you can get the best performance out of your ride no matter the conditions. The way you ride and where you ride changes the type of e-bike that you need.

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  1. What are the best Ebikes?
  2. What is the best electric bike to buy in Australia? Australia's Highest Rated Bikes
  3. How fast does an electric bike go?
  4. How much do electric bikes cost?
  5. How do electric bikes work?
  6. How to charge an electric bike
  7. What are the laws in Australia on electric bikes?
  8. What to look for in an electric bike?

What are the best E-bikes?

The best e-bike is dependent on many factors. Quality of build and components are of course massively important, hence we stock only the best brands. The best e-bikes to buy are those that are designed specifically as an e-bike. There are many bikes out there that are not equipped with the right frame or gear to account for the increased power and weight. A sturdy frame, fork, and wheels are crucial to ensure you have a solid foundation for the motor and battery.

In regards to componentry, high-quality disc brakes are desirable as the stopping force needed is greater than that of a standard bicycle. By having quality brakes you are not only increasing performance, but ensuring a safe ride. Having high-quality gearing is also essential. Because the motor puts much more power through the gears, cheaper components wear out faster and are at more risk of deforming or breaking under load.

Having a solid drivetrain is critical for the longevity of the bike and ends up saving you in the long run.

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What is the best electric bike to buy in Australia? Australia's Highest Rated e-Bikes

There is no one answer as to the best electric bike to buy! It is incredibly dependent on the style of riding you are wanting to do. The best bike to buy is one that will suit your needs and wants. By figuring out where you ride, how you ride, what you are wanting to carry, and how often you ride will help determine the best bike for you.

A few of my top picks for different types of riding are:

For commuting the Allant+ 8 is my go-to! The Allant+ 8 is built for committed e-bike riders who value high-performance, style and capability. It's the ideal choice for commuters who favour the power and reliability of a Bosch pedal-assist system, riders who appreciate great design and anyone who's tired of waiting in traffic and paying for parking. Check out the Allant+ 8 here!

For an optimised and super fun mountain experience the Rail 9 is my pick of the bunch. The Rail 9 is a long travel mountain bike, that also gives you a big extra power boost to shred the trails! Check out the Rail 9 Here!

If you are looking for something a little more simple and lightweight for leisure riding, the Treadwell Neo is is an amazing choice. This bike is perfect for casual riding around the bike paths or to and from the shops. The Treadwell Neo is light and manoeuvrable in comparison to most E-Bikes. It comes equipped with a front basket and fenders, which make it the perfect grocery bike, as well as a suspension seatpost for added comfort. Check out the Treadwell Neo Here!

How fast does an electric bike go?

In Australia, electric bikes are limited by law to only provide assistance up to 25km/h. The bikes have plenty of power though to ensure you can get up hills with ease and speed. High quality ebikes disengage the motor once the speed limit is reached, so that you can go faster either rolling downhill or by putting in your own power.

How much do electric bikes cost?

Electric bikes can vary widely in cost, there will always be 'cheap and nasty' e-bikes around that cut costs by compromising on quality. For a high-quality e-bike with full warranty and some form of aftermarket service, a good starting point is around the $3000 mark.

Electric bikes, like any other bike, still require routine servicing and maintenance. This varies depending on your local bike stores servicing rates. Cycles Galleria do provide free basic servicing for the lifetime of the bike with any bike purchase. This includes E-bikes.

See full details here: ProCare - Free Bike Tuning For Life

How do electric bikes work?

There are two main technologies for ebikes. Pedal Assist aka 'Pedelec', and 'throttle control'. Let's get frank; throttle control are usually the junkers - the low quality 'ebay specials', designed cheaply and prone to breaking down and/or catching fire. They are legal to ride on roads in Australia, but due to their lower power limit, you see them slowly chugging along (between breaking down) by some food delivery services. Please, for your own liability and safety, avoid these.

Pedelec works by amplifying the power your legs make. It's very natural, comfortable and controllable power - meaning if you can ride a bike, you can ride an ebike. Want to go faster? Pedal slightly harder. Want to go slower? Pedal slightly softer. Torque sensors in the cranks, speed sensors in the motor and rear wheel, and power sensor in the motor all take hundreds of measurements a second to perfectly replicate the power your legs put out - so you don't get the wheel slipping at the top of a pedal stroke, or take off too fast without wanting to. All only achievable by the Pedelec.

How to charge an electric bike

This is an easy one - just plug it in like you plug in your phone. It's as simple as that. Fast charging from flat to 80% only takes a couple of hours and costs only a few cents. You can buy additional chargers easily to keep at work or at your beach house!

You can also remove the battery on most e-bikes to take it away and charge it elsewhere. 

What are the laws in Australia on electric bikes?

If electric bikes use pedal assist they are completely legal and able to ride everywhere that you can ride a normal bike. Electric bikes, no matter what type, are limited by law to 25km/h in Australia.

What to look for in an electric bike?

When considering an eBike purchase there are a few factors to consider. But essentially most ebikes come in 4 major categories. Hybrid, Commuter, Road and Mountain. Similar to standard, non-electric bikes, these 4 styles dictate the type of riding you will experience as well as provide different ride qualities in alternate terrain. This said, with the extra boost from the motor, each bike has increased capacity to perform better in different conditions.


If your priority is not commuting, and instead you are looking to have a bash offroad, a full suspension e-bike will be a helluva good time!

My pick of the bunch is the Trek Rail 9. This bike is the crème de la crème of full suspension electric mountain bikes! It comes equipped with top notch components. Including SRAM GX Eagle groupset, RockShox ZEB Select+ fork (which is specifically designed for electric bike use) and the RockShox Super Deluxe Ultimate RT3 rear shock. In addition to all of this mountain bike component goodness, the Rail 9 comes equipped with Bosch Performance CX, magnesium motor body, 250 watt, 85 Nm, AND the Bosch PowerTube 625 which is the biggest they offer and can take you further than the 500Wh batteries on previous editions.

This all makes the Rail 9 an amazing bike that will turn uphill into downhill.

Trek Rail 9 

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Now on the other end of the spectrum we have e-road bikes. These bikes are designed specifically to give an authentic road bike experience with an extra boost of power! The Domane+ LT is the prime candidate for this style of riding.

The Domane+ LT is a carbon drop-bar electric bike designed for roadies who want an authentic road bike experience with an extra boost. The sleek and efficient Fazua drive system kicks things up a notch when you need it—like riding into a headwind or beating your buddy up a climb—but doesn't drag or hold you back when it's not in use. You also get the high-performance benefits of an OCLV Carbon frame, road-smoothing IsoSpeed, and Shimano Ultegra components. In addition to this, you can remove the battery and replace the cover to turn your e-road bike into a normal road bike!

Trek Domane+ LT

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Another incredible e-road bike is the Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 3. This eBike is an absolute weapon! The SuperSix Neo uses the Mahle ebikemotion drive system. This system uses a lightweight 250W rear hub motor and hidden 250Wh battery. The benefits of this set up is that it is incredibly lightweight for an electric motor system and provides the perfect amount of assistance on each ride. And when it is off you barely notice it's there!

This bike is lightweight, aero and perfect for your next adventure.

Cannondale SuperSix EVO Neo 3

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Mixed terrain/hybrid:

The two most popular styles of an e-bike for commuting are either the hybrid or commuter options. The major difference between these two is that the commuter bikes are designed with commuting to and from work as their main focus. This alters the bikes composition and features.

As an example, the trek Allant+ 8 is a beast of a commuter. Why you ask? Everything about this bike is optimised to get you from point A-B with the most amount of fun, and ease. The drive system is a top-of-the-line Bosch Performance Line CX 250W drive system, and comes with a huge 500Wh battery. This system gives you both power and range, and is one of the best motors on the market. The motor disengages fully when you hit 25km/h meaning the power you pedal does not get lost. The frame is equipped to deal with the extra weight and is a nice comfortable, yet sporty geometry to ensure riders can commute around the city with ease. In addition, the wheels are reinforced and have ebike specific tyres to deal with the extra load whilst commuting.

The Allant+ is also equipped with both front and rear lights, an inbuilt display and cycling computer, front and rear fenders, a kickstand and a rear rack for panniers. All of this technology and components result in the Allant+ 8 being a fantastic bike for commuting, as well as a super fun ride for the weekends.

Trek Allant+ 8

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Cannondale's Adventure Neo is an awesome option for your first E-bike. This model thrives in everyday riding situations such as cruising down to the shops, enjoying a family ride along a bike path, or going exploring. Despite its lower price point compared to some of the above options, you still get a full Bosch Battery and Motor, quality Shimano components and powerful disc brakes that will ensure you can handle the extra weight and speed of an E-Bike.

Going on a massive adventure? Fear not! The Adventure Neo still has a fantastic 105km range in favourable conditions, allowing you to simply go and explore rather than stressing over distances/durations. Additionally its wide tyres provide excellent grip and comfort that allows you to take on most surfaces with confidence. Finally, how good is that frame design? The clean integration of the battery into the frame really makes you have to take a second look to spot that this is an electric bike.

Not only is it good looking, but super practical too! The step through frame design and comfortable upright sitting position makes this bike a great match for riders of all ages and abilities as it is a breeze to control and mount/dismount. 

Cannondale Adventure Neo 4

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Don't Sweat The Commute

7:00 - Alarm goes off 7:01 - You hit snooze 7:08 - Alarm goes off 7:09 - You turn off your alarm 8:30 - You wake up in a frenzy realising you have 30 minutes to get to work.

Alright, you got this, it takes you only 5 minutes to throw on an outfit, stuff a loaf of bread into your bag and jump in the car. Uggh, traffic, and your local council have removed yet another car lane just to put in one of these new, fancy, shiny green bike paths. Ugggh now you're being overtaken by hundreds of cyclists while you sit in gridlock. And now you're late for work!

You daydream about how all of those people have the tenacity to ride to work every single day, get sweaty, need to have a shower change their clothes and how it seems like a lot of hassle. But beside the several lycra speed demons, there were many people on the bike path in regular old work clothes, with fancy leather backpacks. How do they do it?

Let me tell you how, with a nice smooth powerful boost from a delicious pedal-assist motor! These babies pump out a smashing 250 to 350 watts allowing you to ride with ease and feel like you have quads like Robert Förstemann. (don't know who this is? - google him, you won't be disappointed!).

You bite the bullet, go for a test ride then inevitably buy an e-Bike, that very afternoon. The next day is the same story except this time you jump on your new eBike. With a cool breeze in your face and minimal effort you fly past the frustrated drivers on your nice wide bike lane. And you get to work with 2 minutes to spare. And your boss is happy. Or if you are the boss, you look professional. Nice!

Didn't cover it all? Our staff have great insight into each e-bike or regular bike or almost anything bicycle related. 

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