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Why Caleb Ewan rides Ridley

"Caleb Ewan fulfilled his dream of taking the prestigious Tour de France sprint on the Champs-Élyées, eight years after making a vow to win there. The Lotto-Soudal sprinter powered ahead of his rivals on stage 21 of the Tour to take his third victory of this year’s race, cementing a phenomenal debut.."


Ridley set extremely high standards for themselves. And it all starts with their choice of raw materials. They use only the best quality carbon available, sourced from Toray. They are the world’s leading carbon manufacturer, supplying mainly to the aerospace industry. The grades of high-modulus carbon they use vary from our most pliable 24-ton, which gives the frame flex and comfort, to 60-ton which is our stiffest.
When developing their carbon products, they strictly follow the principle of “form follows function”…down to the last detail. When creating a frame, they first analyse the exact function it needs to serve – how it will be used, how it needs to feel in every possible scenario. Next they design the shape of the frame, taking extreme care of the exact curves, lines and varying thickness of each tube. Lastly is the carbon layup. Combining the grades of carbons to get the exact feel of the bike is like piecing together the most intricate 3-D jigsaw puzzle. It usually involves hundreds of pieces of carbon, assembled in a few dozen layers. 
Once this puzzle is complete, what you have is a piece of machinery that is perfectly tuned for its task at hand. Every single one of their carbon bikes exemplifies this extreme attention to detail. 

The Noah range incorporates years of experience in developing aerodynamic standards in the cycling industry. Synergies between experienced in-house R&D engineers and top sprinters in the pro peloton have led to industry-leading breakthroughs. Proven by world-class performances like Robbie McEwen’s Green Jersey win and André Greipel’s victories on the famous Champs-Elysées. The Noah has become a synonym to aerodynamic performances.
Ridley's Noah bike basically makes it easy to ride fast, slice through wind and hit those high average speeds without breaking the bank.
Every aspect of the Noah / Jane aero road bike is designed with watt-to-km/h transfer in mind. They integrate their FAST-technology throughout the frame and fork. By doing so, they've created a machine that expertly cuts through wind in both tunnel testing and on the road. With minimal drag, it basically defies wind. 
To further improve on its aero design, they’ve also lowered the head tube and down tube junction to incorporate the fork crown for a minimized gap to the front wheel. In addition, the rear wheel is tucked nicely behind the cutaway seat tube. The top end of their bike is aero-profiled, straight through to the handlebar and seatpost. Thanks to its burly main tubing and chainstays, its power transfer is spot on. You’ll easily fly on the Noah / Jane, regardless of what the weather conditions have in store for you. 

F-Surface Plus (NOAH)
F-Surface Plus technology was created so you can convert the same watts into higher speeds. This technology is incorporated into our Noah and Dean models. It is the application of a textured surface (similar to grooves in a golf ball) in strategic locations for decreased wind drag. What these grooves do is create a tiny turbulence which causes the main flow of air to better follow the shape of the tube. With a smooth air travel around the frame, you’ll expertly cut through wind. The stronger the wind, the more you will feel this technology working for you.
F-Tubing is our droplet-shaped tubing which significantly minimizes wind drag. By shaping the tubes in such a way, airflow easily follows along the tubing. To further minimize tubing weight, hence increase speed per watt, we blunt-cut the droplet shape just at the point where the airflow leaves the tubing. What this translates into is a drag differential of -4.03% at 50 km/h.

The Helium frame is their ultra-gourmet bike. It’s simply at the highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. They’ve designed it to be as light as possible to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet it is stiff and durable enough to expertly handle the likes of André Greipel putting all his power on it in a sprint. Hence, weight as well as performance is built into this frame as it must satisfy the most demanding of our pro cyclists.
The Helium is not only built for the pros, but is designed for anyone who wants to pull everything out of their bike. It’ll help you to be fast on the climbs to grab those Strava KOM’s, fly on the flats and rolling terrain, and sprint like a pro. It’s also comfy enough to keep you motivated to ride long distances to tackle Gran Fondos.
The Helium / Aura frame is at the absolute highest level when it comes to stiffness to weight ratio. They’ve designed it to be as light as possible (750g for SLX size M) to tackle the longest, steepest climbs. Yet still stiff and durable enough to take the likes of Tiesj Benoot (Lotto-Soudal) putting his power on it in the Strade Bianche race. They’ve not just focused on weight but performance since it has to satisfy the most demanding of our pro cyclists.
It’s all in the tubing, especially with the Helium as it is easily our most complicated frame. The shape of the tubing has to be exact, including its tapering for selective lateral, vertical and horizontal stiffness. Some of these details can be seen when simply looking at the frame, such as the inner bulge of the chainstays for added lateral stiffness.
Don’t think that this stiff featherweight is losing its comfort. Its longer head tube adds that extra adjustability option for raising the handlebar a bit for a more comfortable riding position during the long distances. These details give the Helium / Aura that feeling of floating in air while maintaining the stiffness needed for exemplary power transfer. 

Ridley's Fenix is the quintessential “all-round” bike. It offers the perfect blend between performance, weight, strength, stiffness and especially comfort for long days in the saddle. Its unique diamond shape tubing creates reinforced edges for a robust frame with increased impact-resistance.
For these reasons, it is the top choice for our Lotto-Soudal pro men when tackling the Spring Classics. In fact, the women’s team races with it all year long. It is lightweight and stiff with built-in comfort to handle the roughest of terrains.
While this bike expertly handles top competition, it is also perfectly suited for the part-time racer or recreational rider in terms of performance, comfort and cost. It’s the optimal bike for tackling your next Gran Fondo or extended tour through the Flemish Ardennes.
The Fenix SL is almost completely modelled after our Fenix SLX design for that ultimate “all-round” bike feel. The only differences are that this frameset is built for caliper brakes and its high-modulus carbon fibre layup consists of 30/24-ton. The Fenix SL is the only bike you need for all jobs. Go from tackling the climbs and hitting the cobbles to competing for town line sprints.
Its slightly longer rear triangle increases the bike’s wheelbase for added stability and comfort. It also allows for larger tires up to 28mm for further increased comfort and versatility. Now you know how André Greipel can easily remain seated up the arduous Oude Kwaremont cobbled climb.