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Bontrager Aeolus Pro Carbon Wheels

Next to your bike frame itself, nothing has a greater impact on the handling and performance of your ride than your wheels. Upgrading with a carbon mountain bike wheel set or carbon road bike wheel set is the fastest, easiest and most impactful way to improve the ride quality of your bike.

Bontrager carbon wheels can give you an aerodynamic advantage on the road, lighten up your trail ride and dramatically improve responsiveness – all without sacrificing strength or durability.

We want you to be as confident in your purchase as we are in our product. That’s why we back every carbon wheel purchase with the Carbon Care Wheel Loyalty Programme.

The parameters of the programme are simple: in the unlikely event that you damage your Bontrager carbon wheels within the first two years of ownership, we’ll repair or replace them for free. We’ll also continue to offer coverage after two years from the original date of purchase, with steeply discounted rebuild or replacement available to all original owners of Bontrager carbon wheels, regardless of the date of purchase. This programme applies to Bontrager carbon wheels that come as standard on bikes as well as aftermarket wheel purchases, and comes at no additional cost to the original owner.