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    Tune Ups - Every Bike
    For Free - Forever

    What is ProCare?

    Complimentary on every bicycle purchased from Cycles Galleria and available at all store locations. ProCare is a preventative and corrective bike tuning designed to extend the life of your bicycle. ProCare stays with your bike as long as you own it, visit your closest Cycles Galleria for quality bike tuning and basic servicing. We offer this because we sell quality products and have fast and efficient workshops.

    A ProCare Tune-Up includes

    • Adjustment of all brakes and gears for a smooth, safe ride
    • Torquing of all bolts
    • Lubrication of chain
    • Comprehensive Safety Check
    • Inspection for worn or damaged components
    • Minor suspension adjustments

    A ProCare Tune-Up excludes

    • Replacement of worn consumables, for example worn out chain
    • Bike Cleaning, ie BioCircle.
    • Accidents, for example a wheel true or flat tyre

    ProCare™ - Lifetime Free Servicing

    Our mechanics sometimes discover components on your bike that require extra attention during the safety check. We will contact you to discuss your options in these situations. 

    ProCare Registration must be completed at the time of purchase. Please book ahead to ensure your spot as services are all completed on the same-day. ProCare does not cover replacement of components that are designed to wear out and applies to the original owner only. Proof of purchase may be required if the bike was purchased at another CG location.

     ProCare™ is class-leading and exclusive to Cycles Galleria.