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3T Aerobar Computer Mount Comfort - for Aura and Brezza


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If 3Ts Compact Computer Mount is too small for your arms, then their Comfort Computer Mount will do the job. Like the Compact, it is a molded carbon-fiber armrest that has a stub sticking out to the inside. The difference is that the Comfort version has a larger surface area to give you more room.While this can work on the left side or the right, your one limiter is that it is only designed to work with 3Ts Aura and Brezza aerobar lines.The basic idea is simple. You remove the armrest on the side you want the computer. You install this armrest in the same position. Youll need to get a little Velcro tape to line the armrest. Then, with the rest mounted and taped, you can apply the pad from the previous armrest.This mount weighs 70g in total. The armrest, without the stub weighs 40g. The diameter of the little bar is 23.5mm, a shade larger than the extension diameter, but still small enough that whatever might fit to the extension should also fit here.

The 3T Comfort Computer Mount puts the computer between your arms and above the stem