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3T Superleggera Dropbars - PRO


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That’s right, most riders find 3T’s classic round bend uncomfortable, yet it is the longest running bend in history and those who love it REALLY love it (including a lot of pros). Compare it to mattresses; some prefer soft, others hard. The SuperLeggera is definitely in the hard category - “soft mattress cyclists” will opt for the SuperErgo. The SuperLeggera round drop shape is very “present” in your hands, giving you great awareness at all times. The minimalist center grip section is completely optimized for stiffness and low weight, making this our lightest drop bar ever.

Material Alloy 7050
Cable routing External cable grooves
Clamp diameter 31.8mm
Stem torque 5Nm maximum
Shift/brake lever torque 8Nm maximum
Clip-ons Compatible
Di2 compatibility Not compatible
Finish Black with white accents


W1 Hood-to-hood (mm) 400 420 440
W2 Drop-to-drop (mm) 420 440 460
R1 Reach (mm) 105 105 105
R2 Reach (mm) 117 117 117
D1 Drop (mm) 148 148 148
F2 Grip flare (degrees) 2.0 2.0 2.0
Weight LTD (+/-4%) (g) 160 166 176
Weight TEAM (+/-4%) (g) 180 186 196
Weight PRO (+/-4%) (g) 242 250 258