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Blackburn Floor Pump Chamber Tubeless


Availability: Low Stock

And you thought you'd never get big air... If you're a tubeless tire convert, you'll wonder how you lived without this pump. Just pressurize the chamber and with a simple flip of the burly switch, all that air floods the tire, giving it no option but to seal and air up. Once the tire's in place, flip the switch back to bypass the chamber and you can top it up accurately with the giant gauge.

• Oversized pump shaft for extra durability
• Anyvalve pump head
• Air Bleed Botton to micro adjust tyre pressure
• Hold Tight Handle (you can also use any 31.8mm handle bar)
• Aviation gauge
• Charge Switch directs air into the chamber or directly into the tyre
• Pump head features rugged alloy cap and lever
• Super long 47" hose to reach valves in stands or car racks
• PSI and Bar increments on gauge, with vibrant colour matched background
• 50 PSI, 3.4 Bar maximum
• 3150grams / 6.9lbs