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Bontrager E6 Hard Case Lite Tyre Reflective 700x50c


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The all-new E6 tyre is specifically designed for electric bikes. It meets S-EPAC certification and is approved for use on e-bikes up to 50km/h. And with two key sizes that fit a wide spectrum of e-bikes, E6 should be an e-bike rider’s go-to replacement tire.  
E6 features a versatile tread that gives confident traction across a variety of surfaces and stands ready to tame any commute. It was designed for the increased demands of e-bikes and offers a fun, fast, and confident ride with the durability to provide lasting performance.
The Hard-Case Lite puncture protection was optimized for e-bikes, featuring a full 1mm Kevlar puncture protection belt that provides extra durability and protection against flats. This enhanced puncture protection helps keep you worry-free as you ride farther and faster with the E6.
  • Designed for city and roads with a smooth-rolling tread that offers confident traction
  • E-bike approved for speeds of up to 50 km/hr
  • Designed to meet the unique demands of electric bike usage
  • Hard-Case Lite optimised for e-bikes with a 1 mm Kevlar puncture protection belt that offers a great ride feel and extra durability
  • Reflective sidewall strips for added visibility