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Bontrager Edge 1030 GPS Computer by Garmin


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Bontrager and Garmin have partnered to offer the Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030. It features a unique black colorway that you will only find with Bontrager along with an optimized out-of-box experience that includes screen sensitivity set to high, auto pause enabled, and auto lap disabled along with custom features that you will not find anywhere else.

Upgraded and Optimised

The Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030 adds functionality, an optimised experience and a unique, black colourway to the best-in-class GPS cycling computer. Included are all of the leading features of a standard Garmin Edge 1030 as well as the additional of automatic light control, service reminders based on ride duration and an improved out-of-the box experience.

Product details

  1. The unique black colourway provides an understated, classy finish that complements any bike
  2. Large 3.5” clear display with highly sensitive touchscreen and interactive mapping features
  3. Optimised experience and additional functionality adds to the Full Garmin Edge 1030 feature set
  4. Optimised experience includes screen sensitivity set to high, auto-pause enabled and auto-lap disabled
  5. Bontrager Light Control offers touchscreen light control and on-screen battery status of paired lights
  6. Auto-on light control automatically powers on paired lights and sets them to best mode at the start of ride
  7. Service recommendations based on ride duration intervals can help keep bikes performing at their best
  8. Includes Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030, flush out-front mount, standard mount, tether and USB micro cable


Upgraded Edge

We’ve optimised the Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030 for the best out-of-the-box experience. The screen sensitivity is set to high to allow use with gloves. Auto-lap is turned off to minimise unintentional prompts and alerts. Auto-pause is active so the unit tracks your ride and not your coffee stop.

Black colourway

A classy black finish that you won’t find anywhere else, Bontrager Garmin Edge 1030 has a refined look that will compliment any bike.

Bontrager light control

Being seen with Daytime Running Lights has never been easier. A simple pairing process to Bontrager RT lights allows riders to control their lights through their computer. You can see the real-time battery status of your lights and can even set everything to auto mode so that your lights turn on automatically at the start of every ride.

Service reminders

Keep your bike performing its best by taking the guesswork out of when it’s due for a service. A simple setup process will connect your bike and track of all of the hours ridden. Expert recommendations from Trek’s Certified Service Technicians will be sent to with helpful information about what kind of service your bike needs based on your usage. Simple at-home guides and recommendations will keep your bike running at its best and help prevent costly future repairs.

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