Bontrager Elite Stem


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Great for road or mountain use, the Elite stem gets you and your accessories in the position you need, with a simple yet elegant, long-lasting design.

Stiff and light, with the cleanest accessory solutions available

The Bontrager Elite Blendr Stem provides easy solutions for accessory integration. This alloy stem is light and strong, and it gives you endless options to integrate lights, a computer and more with Blendr Elite accessory integration.

Product details

  1. Blendr Elite allows seamless accessory integration
  2. 6061-T6, 3D, forged alloy construction
  3. 4-bolt dual band clamp retains stiffness and reduces weight
  4. Opposing 2-bolt steerer tube clamp
  5. Uses M5 countersunk, corrosion-resistant steel bolts with 5.2 Nm torque spec
  6. Approved for carbon bars and steerer tubes
  7. Includes one Blendr base to integrate Ion lights and Trip computers


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