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Brompton Superlight M6L Metallic Graphite Folding Bike


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Brompton H6L is a 6-speed and fast, reliable and lightweight commuted bike that you can take with you wherever you go! 

Brompton is a city bike with the speed and driving characteristics of its own class, not to mention its layout features and usability.
Brompton is a lightweight and fast drive, easy and neat to use and a reliable bike for commuts for years ahead. Take the Brompton bike according to the Metro, commuter train, workplace and inside your home, lunch, night out, appointments...

The Brompton H6L model has the H-model handlebar, which is our highest bar model – its vertical riding position is just as well suited to the city as for rural driving and allows the use of large Brompton front bags. Also ideal for long cyclists.
The 6-speed gearbox is a reliable Brompton Sturmey Archer's 3-speed hub gear coupled with a 2-wheel external switch which is so-called. Doubles the instinct.
L-model comes with fenders and a powerful Zefal pump

Lightweight and fast Commubike

Brompton is the world's most popular commubike and not a miracle. The bike is fast as it is, lightweight to take on and its folding feature is just like its own class compared to other folding wheels. But folding and carrying the wheel – as important as it is-are just a few of the advantages of Brompton. The most important thing we think is the driving experience, the road feel, the speed, the reliability, the safety and the lifetime of the steel-frame wheel fully handmade in London. Brompton is a bike on which you drive for decades.
Brompton bikes include free 200km of first-service sales in the showroom

Spare parts availability, additional products like various types of bags, tyre selection and lights, as well as Brompton dealers and service craftsmanship make Brompton a bike for you an eternal and reliable partner, wherever you are in the world. After you have purchased the Brompton Wheel, you will certainly agree. Take it to a free trial at your nearest Brompton dealer and you will be able to determine the quality of this bike. Observe that short-term use may be addictive.

Brompton City Bike – The world's best-selling Commubike