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Cruzee Balance Bike


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**Please note that wheels now come in white only** 

The Cruzee Balance Bike weighs in at 4.2 lbs / 1.9 kg, it is the lightest balance bike in the world. Featuring extra strong aircraft aluminum construction, our balance bike is extra easy for children to control, move and ride.

Our rust-free anodized finish, maintenance-free sealed bearings, flat-free composite tires and tool-free adjustment clamps offer kids (& their parents!) years of carefree outdoor bike riding adventure.

The Cruzee Balance Bike is ridiculously light and beautifully crafted, the Cruzee balance bike truly stands out from the crowd. With its sparkling anodized aluminum frame, multiple safety features and ultra-lightweight frame, the Cruzee is an excellent starter bike for the youngest and lightest riders.  Straight out of the box, our 4-year-old tester was enthralled with the bike and quickly began cruising around the house.  With non-marking tires and no sharp edges or bolts to damage walls (or him), the Cruzee was a hit from day one.

Once temperatures warmed up, the fun continues outside.  Five pounds lighter than the balance bike he typically rides, he quickly got out of his comfort zone and began coming up with new tricks.  His 2-year-old friend, was equally mesmerized by the bike.  With a petite, small frame, she LOVED carrying the bike around and insistent on showing everyone she could.  From bike jumps to cruising the sidewalks, the Cruzee provided hours of fun for our testers.

cruzee balance bike fun

Coming in nine beautiful colors, the Cruzee is unique in that it is not painted, but constructed with anodized aluminum. The frame will never rust and the color will never chip, although the color does scratch off the bike pretty easily.  The handlebars and quick-releases are also aluminum, creating a truly rust-proof bike.  The tires on the Cruzee are made of solid EVA foam, so they will never go flat and are essentially maintenance free.

cruzee balance bike-frame

Assembling the Cruzee Balance Bike is also easy and straightforward.  Simply attach the front fork, handlebars and seat post to the frame using the included quick-release clamps and the Cruzee is ready to roll.

The handlebars of the Cruzee are also narrower than many of the larger balance bikes on the market.  The narrower handlebars make it great younger or petite riders.

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