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Muc-Off Kit Ultimate Commuter #20280


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Nano Tech Bike Cleaner

This helps to cut through any dirt and grime that your two-wheeled stallion picks up on those inner-city roads and cycle paths, while also protecting the frame’s delicate finish. Apply using the included Muc-Off easy to use Expanding Microcell Sponge, which is a handy bike and wheel friendly size.

High Performance Biodegradable Chain Cleaner

A cleaner that will help to safely strip the more stubborn grime from your chain and cassette, your components will be looking factory fresh.

MO94 Multi-Use Lubricant Spray

Muc-Off's all-round wonder spray, also known as MO94, will help you cover all the bases. Its incredible formula quickly and effectively penetrates moisture, lubricates moving parts and leaves behind a long-lasting protective film, helping to keep rust and corrosion at bay. The Luxury Microfibre cloth will also help you out, making cleaning, drying and polishing truly effortless.

Dry Lube

A highly versatile, dry weather chain oil, it's been specifically formulated to ensure that it penetrates deep into each chain link, making pedalling and gear shifting a whole heap easier and hassle-free.

B.A.M (Bottled-Air-Magic) Puncture Repair

You’ll be able to laugh in the face of punctures with Muc-Off's B.A.M (Bottled-Air-Magic) can which seals and inflates at the same time, so you’ll need to find another excuse as to why you are late to the office! Awkward.