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Pro Tool- Quick Link Remover


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About PRO Quick Link Remover

The PRO Quick Link Remover is the tool you need to quickly and easily remove the 'master link' found on many chains.

Durable steel construction and plastic handles ensure it'll remain a part of your workshop kit for years to come.

More About The Manufacturer PRO

PRO is powering your performance like never before. Giving you an edge that means something when you’re trying to nose ahead at the finish line, when you’re up against a monster of a trail or when the slope you’re about to tackle looks more like a drop-off. PRO line is full of subtle refinements to make slippery silhouettes even slicker. Focused on the perfect balance between lightness and rigidity. With rugged designs that look like they’re built to slice through the air like a knife. PRO offers a fully revamped line of Road components for every kind of rider. All components have been fine-tuned wherever possible and given a nice makeover on the graphic front.