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A thin-bodied lubricant which utilizes metal friction reducer technology for smooth shifting and a quiet drive train. Does not build up or become tacky; sheds dirt, mud, and abrasives. Also repels moisture and prevents corrosion.




  • A thin-bodied lubricant
  • Utilizes state-of-the-art Metal Friction Reducer technology
  • For smooth shifting and a quiet drive train
  • Chain lube and cleaner in one
  • Dramatically extends the life of your chain
  • Works well in all climates
  • Can be used as a dry lubricant
  • Keeps your chain and drive train clean and seemingly drag-free.
  • Sheds dirt, mud and abrasives
  • Repels moisture and reduces oxidation/corrosion
  • Disperses water and resists wash-off
  • Will not build up or get tacky
  • Lasts two to three times longer than other lubes – more ride time for your dollar!
  • Greatly reduces friction and wear allowing smoother operation of your chain and cables.
  • Environmentally friendly